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The colors pattern that I have chosen are Complementary and Monochromatic. I have chosen these colors pattern because I think it would fit into my composition. Like for example complementary can grab the viewers attention, it could also be entertainment as well, but depends what color format it is.


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The theme that I choice”Entertainment Magazine” it mostly design to show film, music and video games that enjoyable for the viewers eyes. Entertainment Magazine can attract fans to look at their favorite actor, role models such a musicians, and video games characters. The role for Entertainment Magazine is to attract fans to see their favorite actor which role they’re playing in a movie, or video games. This theme accomplishes grabbing fans attentions and also inspires them.

Blog Post 6


The theme I will be choosing for my magazine layout will Entertainment Magazine. Reason why I’m choosing this theme is because I’m truly will strong in this subject, and willing getting viewer attention who are into gaming and film. And the way I’ll be accomplishing and entertainment magazine,  I will posting publicly to call out fans who are interested in a certain film and also video games that will be announced.

Futura Typeface Personality


Futura’s Typeface personality can be described as in attentive . This fonts is a geometric shape that can grab viewer attention. This typeface is one the best fonts that always has been on displayed advertisements and logos. Futura is always has been in the headline displayed in 20th century, and it always lead more consumers because the letter of the bold and the ability to be read quickly from a distance.

Typeface Classification


Futura is classified as Geometric sans-serif.

Sans-Serif typeface are based on often used on project an image of simplicity and modernity or minimalism. Geometric aspect show some of Futura’s design choices recalled classic serif typefaces. Geometric sans serif typeface also makes for great headings, but they are less than ideal for long paragraphs.



The typeface, futura,  long ascenders and descender benefit from generous line spacing. It was designed by Paul Renner, the typeface was design in 1932. Paul Renner created Futura in 1932, it was made changes come out of the Constructionist orientation of the Bauhaus movement in Germany.

Final Project

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Tam Huynh Nguyen


2D design Final Project


Within my finals the elements they are square/rectangle, the value shall be within all the shapes like the square/rectangle. The complementary colors are White, Red, Yellow, Blue Green, and light Green.  And finally the texture shall be Implied Line.  The entire is picture is also activated as well but very aggressively as well. The negative space is very calm; it also makes the main focal point pop out more which is the huge light square. And to make images more realistic. Composition balanced is very balanced by the shape and size.  The picture is symmetrical and asymmetrical. And pictures do have visual weight because the entire squares/ rectangles that are a connected that pulls you in the image.  The visual flow is very curvilinear; where all the squares are make a huge curve. This does have the rules of third, and truly help out the focal point. The strategies of the focal point are making the object different then everything else. When crediting the illusion the paint that used to made the flame look more real with value skill. As you can see each of the fireballs look it heading square/rectangles the effect dept.  This painting has both warm and cool temperature; with fire ball is the warmth and the green, bluish as the cool color. The complementary for the color was Red and Green, and those where for my prime of this final art work.

My emotion to this piece of this art work was aggressive, where you can see the fireballs hitting one main object are the squares/ rectangles. You can see the bottom left the one of the fireballs hit the one piece of the square. And each of the fireballs are heading towards each of the squares/rectangles, and the look like they’re trying to defend or running away, but in my prospective to my piece of art work it’s doing both.  Each of the formal strategies that I used to this art came out decent. The composition is quite well constructed in the art work, and elements of design fit perfectly well in my project because it’s using mostly all of the elements.

The most unsuccessful about my final project is the value, and the mistake of the painting the background to watery making the negative space more balance out. The value could have been more realistic, like if one of the fireballs looks more like fire. Overall I’m proud of myself giving ton of time into the last piece of project.