Case Study

Client: Deborah Krikun

Project: Bear Life


This small video is representing and small short video that I made. The video is about a tiny bear running a away from a giant object, but encounter a forest that looks intimidating. But unfortunately the bear had to go in the forest, and the story continue on from there. The program that I used for this was flash, and nothing else. I used the tool from flash to design everything from it.


To do this project I add to search for example like animation grasses and trees on YouTube. I also had to research my own old work that I made last semester because I made something that look similar last year. I had to research south park because the theme was kinda like this, the reason is how the body moved.


My strategy was making multiple sketches, so I can used these sketches for the program flash. After that I made each scene carefully with the flash tools, and I kept repeating the task over and over until I got all the scenes done. I tried to get every scene very detail like south park theme, but it was kinda challenging. After when I finishing the scene I put sounds effects.





Walking Cycle


What’s very challenging about this project was trying to get everything on point, and trying to get it done in time. There was so many scenes, that it go hard to keep track on. One of the scene is that I had to make a turn like 180 degree, and that took me at least a hour in a half. I have done many research of the 180 degree head turning, and I found many result. But doing it was very difficult.


Art wasn’t a very thing for my when I was a kid, but when I got older. I started ti understand it and how it was, but worth it in the end. So the project came out alright, it’s no the way I wanted it, but I got it done. I can tell you it was surely it was very time consuming. I rarely used adobe flash because I’m not really much a animator. But I learned a lot from it. And even though this story was kind of sad, I definitely continue on with this character more in the future.

Finial: Testing Video